Why is My Vagina So Itchy, Sore, and Smelly? Causes of These Harmful Vaginal Problems

Let me start by saying that there is nothing as embarrassing as an itchy, sore, or smelly vagina. And with that being said it is in no way your fault, you have done nothing wrong, it is regretfully one of the curses that come along with being a woman. And I am going to tell you what it is and why it happens. Over 30% of women will have these symptoms at some point during their life. And because it is a very private and embarrassing subject you never feel comfortable talking about these irritations with other women, from the fear that they will think that you have poor hygiene. And I can tell you that poor hygiene is not causing your itchy, sore, smelly vagina. It is just a much more complicated, private part of your body to deal with. If you have a itchy ear in public you scratch it, if you have a sore leg you might rub it, if you like to smell good you put perfume on.

There are 3 main causes of the symptoms that I have mentioned earlier. These are vaginal thrush, bacterial vaginosis, Trichomonas Vaginalis, and herpes simplex is also a viral infection. I will explain each one in a little more detail for you.

Thrush is caused by a fungal organism called Candida albicans which lives in your body. Candida albicans grows around the genitals which in turn brings on thrush symptome. Most symptoms are a white, thick, yeasty smelling vaginal discharge, and a very itchy sore and red vagina. Sometimes the rectum (anal) opening can also become infected and very painful and itchy. Some treatments for trush can include creams, and oral medications. But be sure you are using a method that will last for treating Thrush, and not let your infection return again.

Bacterial Vaginosis has symptoms similar to thrush causing an itchy, sore, and smelly vagina, but almost never causes redness or swelling. You can associate the pungent fishy smell with Bacterial Vaginosis. Bacterial Vaginosis is caused when there is more bad bacteria than good bacteria in your vagina. You want to get rid of the bad bacteria, and keep the good bacteria. Unfortunately most medications destroy both bacteria and the bad one tends to grow back much faster.

Yeast Infection is another name that can be connected with an itchy, sore, smelly vagina. The symptoms of a Yeast Infection are the same as Thrush, and Bacterial Vaginosis. Yeast Infection is one of the names used to identify Thrush. You can visit your doctor about these symptoms, or if you like to keep your vagina private there are other treatments available that work very well, and very fast also.

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