Yeast Infection – If This is It – Get a Holistic Healing

Acute yeast infection symptoms

This is when the symptoms develop rapidly and if you can treat the infection successfully at this stage the symptoms and the infection go away.

Chronic or recurring yeast infection.

Occurs when the roots of the fungus really take hold, so that you are infected deep into your tissue. This is the stage of the infection that stays with you over a long period of time.

Symptoms of Chronic infection can change over time and they can mimic almost any disease. This confuses even the health experts and can lead to wrong diagnosis and treatment.

At this stage no matter what you do or take in the form of medicine it no longer works. The symptoms can lie dormant for the duration you are taking the medicines, and come up immediately the medicines are over.

The doctor will keep on changing medicines in an effort to find a permanent cure. But in the absence of a proper diagnosis, the cure will remain illusive.

You would give anything to get a cure that can lid you off this ailment.

How about a simple remedy readily available in your kitchen. With a few purchases you can get a natural 100% drug free Candida cleansing program. 12 Hours natural cure for yeast infection is the answer.

A Holistic healing

This describes a holistic healing program that will allow you to heal all the parts of your whole living system, – physical, mental and emotional. These systems are connected and you should not concentrate on each part separately.

The holistic system healing focuses on all the things around you including your environment and the people you interact with. It aims to replace the normal helper bacteria so that you body regains a healthy balance of the bacterial count. This will avoid passing back and forth the yeast infection between partners and a re-occurrence of the infection.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms…•Vaginal itching and soreness•Rash on outer lips of the vagina, and head of the penis for men•White vaginal discharge•Pain when urinating•Pain when having sexual intercourse•Or several of other symptoms as will be explained later

You should understand that embarking on a permanent cure of yeast infection involves changing the way of life.

You have to change the habits that have allowed the infection to take hold of your body in the first place.

Therefore the success of the cure has to be based on your determination to be rid of the habits and thus you will rid your self of the misery once and for all.

The permanent cure will depend on how long you have had the disease. Think of getting through this treatment one day at a time. Think of a day you will be without the misery that the disease gives you. This should encourage you to stick with the treatment.

If you can take this one day at a time you can surely cure your yeast infection permanently.

Candida yeast intake and exposure cannot be avoided.

Yeast is an integral part of life. It is present in food, the air we breathe and it is found on the exposed surfaces of most places. It is also found inside our bodies in the intestines.

Only when yeast becomes dominant in various parts of the body does it begin to present a serious health problem, resulting in disease, pain and discomfort.

Yeast, as a fungus, is parasitic, and can become aggressive. It multiplies very rapidly, can assume long periods of dormancy only to spring up when the right environment presents itself. Yeast when necessary can become cannibalistic.

Candida invades the tissues of the mouth, gastrointestinal tracts, vaginal area, urinary tract, prostrate grand, skin fingernails and toenails.

Candida overgrowth results from prolonged use of antibiotics, medications, steroids, and birth control pills and excessive sugar intake.

The use of the antibiotics and steroids kills the friendly bacteria which otherwise keeps the bad yeast in check.

Antibiotics and steroids are taken directly in the medicines that we take to treat the different ailments, or indirectly in poultry and other sources of commercially available protein sources.

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