Yeast Infection Itching – 3 Easy Tips For Yeast Infection Itch

Learn how you can stop yeast infection itching by using these 3 simple tips. Yeast infection itch is a horribly irritating symptom. And, as well as being embarrassing, itching and scratching can even make your infection worse. Here, you\’ll get 3 simple tips to help get rid of your itch.

Before getting to the 3 tips to get rid of your yeast infection itch, let\’s go over the symptoms you may experience in the genital area…

In women these are; chronic itch, red and inflamed vulva and vagina, pain when peeing, pain when having sexual intercourse, and a thick white \’cottage chesse\’ like discharge.

As well as an itch, men can have blister-like spots or rash on the head, dry / flaky skin, pain when urinating, pain during sex, sometimes even loss of libido.

Note that the symptoms above could be the symptoms of other conditions, so you should always go to your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Now let\’s look at the cause. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans that resides in our bodies. It is kept under control by your body\’s good bacteria until, that is, their numbers are reduced to a level that allows the Candida to \’overgrow\’. This causes the symptoms of yeast infection incl. itching.

Here are my 3 tips to get rid of your yeast infection itching…

1 – Use raw apple cider vinegar to bathe the area. Either as a douche, or, by sitting in a low bath. For a douche use 2 tablespoons in 2 quarts of warm water. For the bath use 2 cups of cider. But it has to be raw, un-distilled cider without additives.

2 – Stop sex completely until your infection has been eliminated. Since the genitals provide ideal conditions for the Candida fungus to thrive, sexual intercourse can \’transfer\’ yeast infection back and forth between partners. Regular sex will only delay, or even prevent, your cure. O.K. this isn\’t a \’simple\’ tip, but it\’s still important.

3 – Wear loose-fit, breathable underwear, e.g. cotton. Tight fitting underwear that doesn\’t \’breath\’ only retains the warm, moist conditions that the Candida just loves.

These tips will help as you try to get rid of your yeast infection itching. But there are other important considerations for a complete cure. So now let\’s look at your treatment…

Mainstream treatment takes the form of creams etc., you apply to the affected area(s). And these can work well enough over time. But they can have some minor side effects for some folks. Plus, many women and men find that their yeast infection seems to be taking ages to go away, or, the symptoms have been eliminated but the infection just keeps returning.

It is reckoned that this is due to the drug-based medications only addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause. And, the Candida fungus can become drug-resistant.

So more and more women and men are successfully seeking natural alternatives without the negative aspects of expensive drug-based treatments. There are tons of natural alternatives out there such as ; yogurt, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, garlic, herbs galore, natural supplements, and, much more. Plus, there are other important issues like, dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

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