Yeast Infection Signs You Should Be Aware Of

There are certain yeast infection signs that you should be aware of when you think that you may have contracted a condition of some kind. Some of these are very similar to symptoms which occur as a result of sexually transmitted diseases so its important to understand what each of them looks like and how they will affect your body.

The first of the three main yeast infection signs is a heavy, white vaginal discharge which has the consistency of cottage cheese. This discharge can have a foul odor to it and will create an itching sensation that can be extremely uncomfortable. Don\’t be alarmed. It is simply the yeast buildup excreting from your body. For oral conditions, the tongue and back of the throat may turn white also.

The second of the three main yeast infection signs is dryness of the vaginal walls. The yeast build-up can soak up any moisture inside your vagina and this can cause walls to dry and create pain during sexual intercourse. The third is usually a result of the first two: a swelling and cracking of skin in and around the vaginal area.

If any of these signs are present you should call your doctor immediately and make an appointment. Yeast infections are very common in women and can be treated with over-the-counter medications but you should make sure that your condition is a yeast infection before you apply any of them. A doctor can confirm that the signs outlined here are read correctly and you get the proper treatment.

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