Yeast Infections in Men – Causes, Symptoms and Cures

Male yeast infections can happen in simply the identical locations that girls will get it – aside from the vagina after all! However, I am not speaking primarily of the yeast infections that may happen elsewhere on the physique, however as a substitute of the kind of yeast infections that may happen on the genital space. Yeast infections in males can happen simply as they do in girls.

Now since males haven’t got a vagina, and subsequently cannot harbor or breed the Candida micro organism of their vagina, it falls to the issue of transference for males to get yeast infections.


Though there is usually a few totally different causes for males to get yeast infections, the commonest cause is because of transferal by sexual activity. If their sexual companion has a yeast an infection, then a person has an opportunity of additionally contracting a yeast an infection.

You’ll be able to in truth get a yeast an infection by passing it alongside to your companion by sexual activity. For probably the most half that is how male yeast infections will happen. It can cross from you to your companion and generally even again once more.

That is why it is a good factor should you can cease all sexual relations till your yeast clears up. In spite of everything that is stated and carried out, it is higher to have a brief interval of abstinence in your life than to must be regularly guarding in opposition to a recurrence of yeast simply since you handed it alongside to your companion.

This will generally have a ping pong impact the place you would possibly first have the yeast an infection and cross it alongside to your companion, who in flip will get it, and who in flip will cross it again to you. Nevertheless, though you will get yeast infections by sexual activity, yeast infections aren’t thought-about as a sexually transmitted illness.

This isn’t a matter of sexually transmitted ailments. Yeast infections might be transmitted by sexual activity, however that does not imply that the opposite particular person will get it. Within the case of male yeast infections, there’s solely a 12-15% probability that they are going to get it f their companion has a yeast an infection.

That is why it is all the time a good suggestion to abstain from having sexual relations when you have a yeast an infection.


Signs of male yeast infections will likely be much like these of vaginal yeast infections. There will likely be some variations however for probably the most half they’re related.

o Itching of the penis

o Burning sensation of the tip of the penis

o Pink rash in your penis

o Burning sensation when urinating


And simply because the signs for male yeast infections are the identical or much like these of feminine yeast infections, the cures are additionally the identical or related. Very clearly there are some issues that you could’t do within the case of cures, like the usage of suppositories as an example.

However you possibly can adapt nearly the entire different cures to go well with you. You may also need to ask your physician about prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.

Within the case of over-the-counter drugs you would possibly positively need to ask your physician first about whether or not you should utilize them as properly, or whether or not you have to go in for one thing totally different. And when you do get it there’s additionally the prospect that you could cross it again to your sexual companion and get it again once more as properly.

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