Natural Treatments For Bacterial Vaginitis – Instant Relief and Long Term Cures

If you have bacterial vaginitis, you are likely to be suffering from symptoms which are, quite frankly, making your life a misery. Not only will you have that uncontrollable itching and burning to deal with, the horrible gray or white discharge, but you will also have the extreme embarrassment of knowing that your vagina has a bad fishy smell which, unfortunately, can be detected by those around you.

Natural treatments for bacterial vaginitis can work very well and give most women instant relief from the itch-scratch cycle which can be quite unbearable. Unfortunately, the more you scratch and irritate the vaginal area, the more the delicate tissues become inflamed and irritated and itch even more. Some women find the irritation so much that they scratch until the skin becomes broken and an infection sets in.

Keeping the vaginal area cool is one of the first steps you can take to calm the area down. Try using an ice-pack wrapped in a damp flannel and apply to the vaginal area. This will give instant relief. Some women also find relief by sitting in a cool bath or sitz bath for a few minutes. When at home, try going without panties for a while as this will allow air to circulate. When out and about, do not wear panties made from synthetic materials, tight trousers or pantyhose as all of these can causes irritation.

Another way to soothe the area is to apply live, natural yogurt. This is much better than using an oil-based cream as these can trap in warmth, making the problem worse. Live natural yogurt also contains Lactobacillus, which is a strain of beneficial bacteria which will help to rebalance the bacterial imbalance which has occurred.

Other natural treatments for bacterial vaginitis include using cider vinegar and tea tree oil.

Cider vinegar is acidic in nature and will help to restore balance within the vagina. Try adding 2 or 3 cups to a warm bath. Tea tree oil is a powerful natural antibacterial substance and can be bought in pessary form. These will help to kill off harmful bacteria within the vagina.

Although symptomatic relief is clearly important, perhaps of more importance is the need to eradicate BV altogther, ensuring the it does not return. One sobering fact is that over half of all women who are treated with antibiotics for this condition have it return within a few weeks. Those using natural treatments for bacterial vaginitis have a much lower reinfection rate and those following a recommended plan can be sure that their bodies are resistant to the condition.

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